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Tiger's Abandonment

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Tiger's Abandonment Empty Tiger's Abandonment

Post by Zeeke on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:21 pm


Tiger meowed sadly, pawing at the wooden door his twoleg normally came through at about sun-up. His twoleg hadn't returned in five days after she had taken all her items, including the fuzzy couch.
The striped ginger tom paced around, from the door to the window and back. He meowed sadly once more, and it echoed slightly. Tiger's pawsteps made very quiet, almost silent, sounds on the stone-like ground of his twoleg's nest. Even the glow-box, something his twoleg loved, was gone.
The nest darkened as a fluffy white cloud passed over the sun. Tiger pawed at the brown wooden door again, and it fell over. Tiger leapt backwards, a surprised mew escaping him. He tipped his head slightly to the left. Outside! He had been feeding on whatever he could find in his twoleg's nest, which he had been trapped in and lonely. That included small insects.
Tiger slowly padded forward, and the cool leaf-fall breeze weaved through his ginger fur. He had only been outside once, when he had dashed out because his twoleg had opened one of the other doors. He was scolded afterward, and decided never to do it again. But this time there was no twoleg in sight.
Suddenly a grey cat pounced on Tiger, staring into his blue eyes for a few heartbeats. "Hey, come look! We found ourselves a stupid kittypet," the grey she-cat growled, presumably to another cat.
A brown tom and a spotted brown she-cat emerged from the brush. "Just what we needed to sharpen our claws." The she-cat smiled, looking at the brown and grey tom. He nodded.
"Get off me!" Tiger meowed, struggling in the grey she-cat grasp. His blue collar was suddenly pulled on, yanking the breath out of him. Tiger gasped, sucking in the air he needed. The metal part of his collar was hanging to the side, as he had messed it up two days before. "Help!" Would any cat help him?
The brown she-cat laughed for a very short period of time. "How pitiful. Stonetail, do you think you could stand 'im up? Or would he run away?"
The grey she-cat called Stonetail shook her head. "He'd run away," she said in her gravelly voice. Tiger struggled, but Stonetail tightened her grip each time.
"Hey, this nest looks like a good meeting place," the brown and grey tom suggested quietly. He shifted his weight to mainly his left side, yellow eyes flickering between the brown she-cat and Stonetail.
"Seriously?" the brown she-cat growled. "We've got a toy and you're thinking about the twoleg nest?" She lashed her tail. "You're a WolfClan warrior! Not an absentminded CottonClan cat!"
Tiger stopped struggling. The ginger tom cried out as Stonetail's claws dug into his skin. His collar was pulled on multiple times, making him struggle to breathe.
"But don't we want a meeting place? We could share news with the other four Clans!" the brown tom replied. "Leopardtooth, pay attention to me for once!"
The brown she-cat had been staring at Tiger while the brown and grey tom spoke. "We don't. I prefer to speak during battle, you mousebrain. Now let's play! Want to cage him in the nest, Stonetail?"
Stonetail nodded, smiling, and Tiger growled. "Help me!" Tiger meowed, wriggling around. Stonetail stood him up, and he began to run away. Stonetail grabbed his blue collar in her teeth and dragged Tiger into his twoleg's nest. Tiger yowled in pain and surprise.
"Stop it!" the brown and grey tom suddenly hissed, unsheathing his claws. "You're hurting him! He's just another cat, you know! Can't we treat him like one?" The tom's hackles rose in anger.
Leopardtooth hissed, unsheathing her claws. "Ashwing! Shut up! Go report it! I don't care! Hedgestar won't either! Now shut up you mousebrain!" She whipped around and entered the twoleg nest, which also had Tiger and Stonetail inside.
Ashwing dashed in after the brown she-cat. "Look! The only items here are that thing and the stuff that looks like it!" he pointed out, referring to the spruce-colored table and chairs.
Stonetail rolled her eyes and Leopardtooth said something under her breath. "Wanna play now? This fresh prey won't last long..," Stonetail meowed, looking at Tiger. Tiger felt like he wanted to crawl in a hole rather than die as a 'toy'.
Ashwing pounced on Stonetail, knocking the grey she-cat over and making her let go of Tiger's collar. Tiger leapt back, having the crazy idea of leaping on Leopardtooth. He did without thinking, making Leopardtooth fall over easily in surprise. Ashwing had certainly turned this fight around!
"Just stop it," Ashwing said, still pinning Stonetail to the stone-like floor. "Now, what do you think on a Clan meeting place here? Leopardtooth? Stonetail?" The brown and grey tom lashed his tail.
The she-cats growled. Leopardtooth sent Tiger flying off her, hackles raised. "I only speak in battle!" She leapt towards Ashwing, making him roll off Stonetail and lay on the ground. "Do I need to teach you a lesson, little apprentice?"
This time Tiger spoke up meekly, "What's a Clan? And why are you fighting so much?" His ginger tail was touching the ground.
Stonetail stood up, shaking dust off her fur. "I think Ashwing's right..," she meowed slowly.
"No he's not! He's wrong in every way!" Leopardtooth shrieked, raking her claws across Ashwing's unprotected belly. He winced in the pain. Leopardtooth clawed at his belly before Tiger attacked her and pinned her once more.
"A Clan is a group of wild cats with rankings. Each cat must protect one another, maybe at the risk of their own lives." Ashwing watched as Leopardtooth sent Tiger flying once more, but she didn't attack again this time.
"Fine," the spotted she-cat hissed. Be a kit and tell the leader. I'm a true WolfClan cat, not you." With that, Leopardtooth dashed away.
Stonetail turned to follow, but Ashwing stayed at looked at the ginger kittypet. "Do you want to come..?" He said it slowly, like he was going to get in trouble. Tiger smiled and followed Ashwing. Tiger later became a loyal WolfClan cat named Tigerstripe, though he had to prove himself in many, many situations.
And because of Tiger, the Clan gathering place was settled.

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