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Clan Information (MUST READ)

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Clan Information (MUST READ) Empty Clan Information (MUST READ)

Post by Bear-tastic on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:51 pm

CrabClan- CrabClan was formed by a cat who lived near a river, where once, a two-leg left a few strange creatures (crabs). Fascinated by the creatures, the founder decided to name its clan after them, and as homage, made the clan near the same river. Its a tradition in the clan to have a ‘crab watcher’- generally an elder cat that cannot do much else- who would watch for when they are at their most active, and then bring the kits to watch them travel.

WolfClan- WolfClan is a clan of fierce warriors who fight to severely injure their foes. Founded by a large, gray loner tom named Wolf, they adopted his views and continue their traditions to this day. Their traditions are a moonly fight between two cats, usually a warrior and an apprentice (this is usually a rite of passage for the apprentices) to see how much fight both cats have in them. They live in the middle of the forest.

MapleClan- MapleClan was formed by a cat whose mother left it at the base of a Maple Tree when it was just a kit. This cat was quick to take in abandoned kits and was open to visitors, as long as their clan remains peaceful. The clan resides around the tree where the founder was abandoned and has remained there to this day.

CottonClan- CottonClan was formed by a former cat who lived on a cotton farm. This cat was a fluffy cat, who only accepted cats that were as fluffy as it was. This lead to the whole cat being predominantly long-haired cats. They live on the open fields of the land, but make their home in a tiny bit of the forest that they have.

StemClan- An exiled CottonClan queen found herself in a large field of sunflowers. She knew she could not go on after her kit was born. Once her kit was born, she passed away, leaving the kit alone. But the kit was not alone for long. A lone cat came along and raised the cat up until it could defend itself. By that time, the kit was many moons old and ready to take on the world. Staying in the sunflower field, the cat took in stray cats until it had a whole clan. They live in the wild sunflower field right outside the forest.

Dangerous spiders are a problem for CottonClan and StemClan. They mostly see brown recluses and wolf spiders, black widows have been seen, but they're rare.

How to treat the bites from those spiders, as said by our other administrator, Zeeke,
Zeeke wrote:Wolf spiders: They hurt a lot, but would only numb a cat for about two-four hours, depending on the age. There are extremely few reports of death by wolf spider bite in the Clans.
Brown recluses: Must be treated. If not, the infection could easily become deadly. There are cases of death from them in the Clan(s), but it is possible to survive if treated correctly. These are often found in damp areas, but mainly in CottonClan and StemClan territories.
Black widows: Rarest of the spiders on Clan territory, but easily the most deadly. About a 10% chance of survival. 0% chance if untreated. Must be treated within an hour.
Mouse spiders: These spiders are almost as rare as the black widows, but a little les dangerous. If not treated correctly, death is virtually inevitable. They tend to live mainly in the RedRock caves, and rarely the males are seen in StemClan and CottonClan territory. They are often easy to avoid.

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Clan Information (MUST READ) Empty Re: Clan Information (MUST READ)

Post by Zeeke on Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:52 pm

If you ever need/want more information on the insects near the Clans, feel free to contact me!

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