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Nightflower's Finding

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Nightflower's Finding Empty Nightflower's Finding

Post by Zeeke on Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:52 pm


Nightflower's black fur shone in the late afternoon sunlight. She was the CottonClan medicine cat. "Come on, Aspenstar. We need another way to speak to StarClan!" she continued, talking with the CottonClan leader by the leader's den.
"Fine! Go! I don't care anymore, you annoying mousebrain!" Aspenstar hissed, spinning around. She entered her den and disappeared from Nightflower's sight.
Nightflower's mouth was slightly agape. She turned around and headed out the entrance. She hoped her apprentice, Cleverpaw, could take over long enough. Nightflower's nose was rushed with scents of prey. She ignored her hunger and headed forward, knowing secretly a cat could not eat before communicating with StarClan.

Nightflower's eyes flew open. Where was she? The black she-cat had no memories of the night before. Nightflower stood up, seemingly weak from hunger.
She noticed an opening in the stone wall behind her. What do I have to lose? Nightflower sighed and entered the cave. It was pitch black, but she moved forward. She felt something crawl over her left forepaw. Nightflower gasped but moved forward anyways. Hopefully Cleverpaw will know what to do if I die... Nightflower glanced around, but there was nothing to be seen because of the darkness surrounding the CottonClan medicine cat.
The medicine cat suddenly saw light ahead of her. There were sounds of water dripping from the cave ceiling, making echoes. Nightflower focused her blue gaze on the light.
There was a reddish stalagmite looming in front of her. The very top of the ancient stone structure was white, a sign it was growing. But how was it? There was a hole in the high-up ceiling of the large cave where moonlight flooded into the cavernous space. The red-colored stalagmite was shiny in places, and there were barely any other stalagmites in the cave, and certainly were as large as the reddish one towering before Nightflower.
Nightflower felt drawn to the stalagmite, and a name seemed like it was echoing quietly throughout the large cave. RedRock... RedRock... RedRock...
The black medicine cat touched her nose to the cold reddish stone called the RedRock. It seemed so ancient, so important. I did it, Nightflower thought.

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